Bus Two Under Way!

We’re delighted to have been able to raise the funds to purchase a second I Can & I Am bus.  This bus is a newer model than the first bus. It is less polluting and will be able to travel further distances.  Conversion is underway with Howdens in Scunthorpe and will be ready to visit … Read more

Let emotions subside and then decide!

I think that this is a significant piece of advice for tired parents or indeed tired teachers. As a teacher, I would often find that term started off with a feeling that teaching was the best job in the world! However, after a few weeks, tiredness would set in, emotions would begin to run high … Read more

Look for a way you can make a difference

This is the line that I used when speaking to my daughter before she went to stay with her grandmother in the Easter holidays.  She looked at me in a slightly confused way, wondering what I meant and why it was important. I explained that it comes from a line my father always used to … Read more

The Balloon Biathlon

When:  Saturday 13th May 2023 Where: The Wye Valley Cost:  Free of charge and all equipment provided Minimum Sponsorship:  Raise what you can. All donations, however small, are gratefully received What is it? The Balloon Biathlon is a one day fund raising challenge in the beautiful Wye Valley and is open to all. It consists … Read more

Big HEART, not a Big HEAD!

As many people know, we use the metaphor of a balloon: the mount of air in your balloon represents your mental wellbeing. As a charity we aim to help young people to know how to inflate their balloons but to ensure that there is the right balance of having a big heart of compassion rather … Read more

Doing the ‘Can Can’

In my presentations, I talk about the 4 key ways in which we can inflate our balloons of self-belief using the acronym of ‘I CAN’ I: We are all INDIVIDUALLY UNIQUE – here we dwell on the work of Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory that we are all intelligent in different ways and that we … Read more

What are you leaving in this world as your legacy?

This is a very good question to ask yourself and one that struck me recently when I attended the funeral of an eminent soldier who had been very successful in his working life. As we listened to his eulogy, I noticed that what he had achieved in life was not really talked about, but it … Read more

Rotten Fruit often means a Rotten Root

As I think about this title, it causes me to reflect on some of the young people that I’m meeting on our I Can & I Am bus (I’m sorry I keep mentioning the bus!)  It is sometimes very easy to judge people based on their appearance and where they are  in their lives at … Read more

New Beginnings

I wonder how your summer holidays have been?  As I look back over the last 6 weeks there have definitely been some highs and lows.  The principle low being a bout of Covid, whilst the highs have involved lots of golf with my two boys. I now play a very different form of golf and … Read more

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