The following short videos all feature James Shone explaining some of the key messages that he discusses within his presentations to both schools and business.

UFO Chapel Talk (10 mins)

James discusses how his UFO links to FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.
For use in educational church services

KINDNESS (5 mins):

James discusses kindness and how 'random acts of kindness' can help improve our mental health

How do we best meet the challenges of Covid 19? (8 mins)

A UFO approach to coronavirus (5 minutes):

James's UFO approach (looking Up, Forward and Out) can be applied to living during the time of coronavirus.
A 5 minute talk ideal for use within assemblies / tutor sessions / PSHE lessons etc.

James Shone’s U.F.O

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The Power of Collaboration

Setbacks can be springboards

i can and i am
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Finding your ‘Element’

motivational speakers
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The Growth Mindset

james shone
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We are all intelligent!

presentations for parents
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I Can’t do it…. Yet!

We all have a CHOICE!

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