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About ‘I Can & I Am’

I Can & I Am is a charity with a passion to inspire confidence in young people and to help them to maintain good mental health. The charity was founded by the inspirational educational speaker James Shone who visits hundreds of schools and businesses every year speaking to educators, parents, pupils, and employees.

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James Shone describes the formation of I Can & I Am, his story and the aims of the charity.


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James shares the powerful story of losing his sight and setting up I Can & I Am

James Shone shares a truly inspiring story to help us all understand how best to respond to set backs, anxiety and general lack of self-esteem. His relevant, challenging and amusing talks take a look at life in education today with advice on how best to navigate the challenges that might be faced.

The I Can & I Am Bus

The I Can & I Am team visit schools around the South West on their specially converted double decker bus working with pupils, staff and businesses. Cooking activities on the ground floor and wellbeing workshops on the top deck provide valuable tools to help improve self-esteem and maintain good mental health.
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This two minute video outlines what happens on board the I Can & I Am bus

What are balloons of self belief?

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The vital tips from I Can & I Am on how to keep your balloon of self-belief inflated have become a staple part of many schools pastoral teaching. This simple 2 minute animation explains the concept in a quick and simple way and can be used within the classroom or at home.

James Shone's Blogs

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