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James Shone’s presentations to businesses provide an often much needed reminder of how we can inflate our own balloons of self belief and maintain a positive mindset.

He provides vital tips on how to focus on our physical and mental wellbeing and the importance of working well with our colleagues.

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A 2 minute video from James talking about his presentations to businesses


James’s presentations can be tailored to suit your timings and audience. Topics will include:

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A 30 second video testimonial about James’s presentations to businesses

Whilst you referred to other individuals and their stories, I needed to look no further than the man in the room for inspiration, thank you for making me pause, consider what is important, how to understand myself/my family and start to look out…


List prices are available for our school customers but businesses are simply asked to offer a donation for James Shone’s presentation. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements, we would love to help.

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