One to One Mentoring

There are occasions when young people can benefit greatly from spending one to one time with someone who is not their parent or linked to their school life. James Shone is increasingly providing this service to children in the Somerset area who are struggling with their self confidence.  Sessions with James provide a safe, warm environment where a straight forward discussion about the following areas can take place:

Mentoring services from James Shone are available as a one off or as a series of up to 4 sessions and generally take place at his home near Bath or at the child’s school.   The sessions are funded by the ‘I Can & I Am’ charity and are provided free of charge.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss booking James from some one to one mentoring.

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James outlines the one to one mentoring available to young people

Free Mentoring Resources

‘You’ve Got What it Takes!’ is a 4 session one-to-one mentoring programme written by ‘I Can and I Am’ and is freely available to schools to download or in hard copy format on request.  This simple to use course is designed to be carried out by any teacher, with or without mentoring experience, with a pupil aged 11 years and older and is invaluable for any pupil experiencing low confidence or self esteem.

The appealing, colourful mentoring guide hand holds the entire process with sections designed to be read aloud by the teacher (or mentor) and work sheets for the pupil to note down thoughts and comments.  The 4 sessions cover a variety of topics which aim to uncover a child’s strengths and qualities using a warm, safe and accessible approach with a member of staff.

the one to one mentoring guide available free to download

Session 1

Session 1

Your Contract with your Mentor

Building a relationship

Session 2

Session 2

Understanding my Skills and Strengths

Understanding my Achievements

Session 3

Session 3

Understanding my Qualities

Understanding my Setbacks

Session 4

Session 4

What are My Dreams and Goals?

Understanding what might be Holding me Back?

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