After Lights Out

A book containing 100 of James Shone’s blogs has been published by the charity and is available on request.  Let us know if you’d like a copy and we’ll happily send you one.  Books are supplied on a gift basis, however, a suggested donation of £15 plus post and packing would be grateful received.  

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About this book by James Shone

Just a few months after my sight loss I began writing blogs. This gave me the ideal outlet to help in coming to terms with my new life. Over the years I have written hundreds of blogs and enjoy sending them to a wide readership. Often they’re about my day-to-day life. Travel for me is not without its challenge. With my white stick I walk into people regularly. I have tried to go up the down escalator. On a train, I have sat on a fellow passenger’s lunch! But there’s always some learning that can come from each challenge. This collection of blogs I hope will provide some wise words of encouragement and a smile to all. Wherever you are and whatever you are experiencing, the message is, above all else, one of hope.

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