What are you leaving in this world as your legacy?

This is a very good question to ask yourself and one that struck me recently when I attended the funeral of an eminent soldier who had been very successful in his working life. As we listened to his eulogy, I noticed that what he had achieved in life was not really talked about, but it … Read more

Rotten Fruit often means a Rotten Root

As I think about this title, it causes me to reflect on some of the young people that I’m meeting on our I Can & I Am bus (I’m sorry I keep mentioning the bus!)  It is sometimes very easy to judge people based on their appearance and where they are  in their lives at … Read more

New Beginnings

I wonder how your summer holidays have been?  As I look back over the last 6 weeks there have definitely been some highs and lows.  The principle low being a bout of Covid, whilst the highs have involved lots of golf with my two boys. I now play a very different form of golf and … Read more

Our attitude is our choice

Our attitude is our choice: I am so struck by this reality as we journey towards the end of the pandemic. It seems to me that many people carry a determined bleakness whilst others carry a similarly determined attitude of positivity. This has been very much a lesson that has been ‘punched’ in to me … Read more

Our name is a crucial part of our identity!

Since losing the majority of my sight there have been a number of deep frustrations with things that I could once do reasonably well and I now can’t do at all.  One of these is recognising people. Often I’m caught on the back foot when someone recognises me and I really have no idea who … Read more

Validation is Key!

As we all know, young people have been hit very hard by the events of the last year and a half. Many teachers feel that academically many young people have coped OK, but socially, and particularly their social competence, has been hit hard.  This can lead to them being socially a little clumsy. I believe … Read more

Belonging. Unpacked

I am aware that I have never formally unpacked each of the four pillars of I Can & I Am and I would love to spend the next few weeks dwelling a little more deeply on each one. Belonging is the first.  I have been thinking about it a great deal recently as with four … Read more

We did it!! £22,129 raised to fund our new bus

We did it!  A tough 3 days but a wonderful success.  150 miles from Bath Abbey to Big Ben with so much support along the way. We are delighted to have raised £22,129 which will be put towards the running costs of our bus. Have a watch of this one minute summary of our journey: … Read more

Bread Baking on the Bus

James, Anthony and Alice spent a wonderful morning trialling the new kitchen section on the ground floor of the double decker bus with some fine results!

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