Doing the ‘Can Can’

In my presentations, I talk about the 4 key ways in which we can inflate our balloons of self-belief using the acronym of ‘I CAN’

I: We are all INDIVIDUALLY UNIQUE – here we dwell on the work of Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory that we are all intelligent in different ways and that we all have our own purpose. Put simply, when we are doing what we’re good at and what we enjoy, our balloons are inflated.

C: this is the CHALLENGE of moving forward. As human kind we are made to make progress and when we make progress and it is noticed, increments of air goes in to our balloon. Our progress can be in our personal lives, our home lives or at school. It’s so important that everyone has a positive journey of progress. This often starts with a very low bar but then our ability to take on the bigger challenges grows.

A: A positive ATTITUDE – here we major on the fact that our attitudes are our choice. It’s nothing to do with being gifted or talented. We must remind ourselves that we have just one go at life and our job is to always make the very most of us. Starting with a thankful attitude for all that we do have and can do is a good start.

N: Is our need to belong and to feel NEEDED – Mother Theresa sites that belonging is as essential to human beings as the air that we breathe. Our schools and homes must be places that celebrate individuality and let people truly be themselves. Let’s teach our young people to mutually encourage one another and to collaborate as opposed to constantly competing.

In summary, let’s make it our chief end to always focus on what people CAN do rather than picking up on the CAN’Ts. This has very much been a part of my journey over the last 10 years because my list of can’ts is very long indeed. Let’s celebrate this half term by doing the CAN CAN!


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