Roo Panes

The singer/song writer Roo Panes heard about James’ story and honoured him by giving him the beautifully moving song he had written entitled ‘Soldier of Hope.’ The song has now become a key part of James’s presentations to parents and staff.

He’ll often choose to finish a talk by playing the song – this regularly results in tears from the audience!

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Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic has endless gratitude for what he does have and what he can do and his positive attitude has inspired many millions around the world. A video clip about Nick’s story and his approach to life has played a part in James’s presentations since he started speaking in schools in in 2014.

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Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell was a British runner who won a gold medal in the 400m and bronze in the 200m at the 1924 Olympics in Paris. A devout Christian, he dropped out of the 100m – his strongest event – because the final was scheduled for a Sunday. His story touched the hearts of millions through the film ‘Chariots of Fire’. He is regularly referenced by James because of his belief that ‘we are all made for a purpose.’

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David Shone

James’s late Father, David Shone has been an inspiration throughout James’s life. His dedication to so many different areas of charitable work was a theme throughout his life. James references his great line: “Life’s about service! It’s not self that matters, but others.”


Bob Burford

Bob Buford was a cable-TV pioneer, social entrepreneur, author, and venture philanthropist. He famously wrote the book “Halftime: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance.” In the book he describes movingly the idea of the separating of our lives in to two halves. The first is driven by SUCCESS. The second by SIGNIFICANCE. This can be translated as moving from SELF to OTHERS.


Sir Anthony Seldon

We are honoured to have Sir Anthony Seldon as the Patron of I Can & I Am. He has been a passionate supporter and enthusiast of the charity since James began it in 2014. His wisdom and experience has proven invaluable. Sir Anthony has also been incredibly generous with the time he gives to the charity.

Sir Anthony Seldon

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