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James Shone shares his inspiring story and philosophy to help pupils understand how best to respond to set backs and maintain self-confidence during the school years. His relevant, challenging and amusing talk takes a look at life in education today with advice on how to best navigate the challenges that might be faced. He seeks to encourage pupils to focus on what they’re good at rather than on what they’re not and he provides invaluable advice on how to inflate their ‘balloons of self belief’. 

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Testimonials from teachers who have heard James Shone’s presentation”


James’s presentations can be tailored to suit your timings and audience. Topics will include:

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A 1 minute video from James talking about his presentations to pupils

Your talk was inspirational. You have found your rightful place as one who inflates balloons and inspires. Your delivery is faultless and your kindness and empathy are in huge abundance. The level of connection and engagement that was displayed on all the parents’ faces showed your affect on all in the room was profound.


Charging is discussed on a per school basis. Generally there is no charge for any schools within the state sector. Independent schools are charged £450 for one presentation, £700 for two and £900 for three or more.

Travel expenses are also charged.  However, as a charity we raise funds to enable James to visit as many schools as possible so we are always open to discussions where school budgets may not be sufficient to cover the quoted costs. Please contact us to discuss your schools’ requirements. 

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