When we speak our head and our heart must connect

james shone

By James Shone

I was lucky enough to do a TEDeX talk on Saturday where the title of my talk was ‘Inflating balloons of self belief.’  Before doing my talk, like many other speakers, I was a little anxious about it – until I had a revelation. I realised that the most important thing was not delivering a polished and perfect speech, but that my messages authentically connected what my head and my heart were both saying. I’ve become very aware in this turbulent political season that when there is disconnect between what someone is saying and what they are feeling it can be very obvious to see.

Good pastoral leaders should ensure that they are fully authentic in delivering advice, support and even rebuke and they should do this with both a head and a heart that are fully connected. If they are not they can run the risk of losing the trust of their audience.

23rd September 2019

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