Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion

james shone

By James Shone

Vision seems strange to talk about as someone that can’t see! It is clearly a word that is heavily used in the corporate world and is now something that is seen as an essential attribute for a leader. I believe the word ‘vision’ has moved firmly in to the educational world and it is really important that teachers have a vision for the future of their charges. A line I use a lot in my presentations is a reminder that, ‘we are teaching young human beings packed full of potential and not academic robots’. My encouragement is often to staff teams when discussing what a young person could dream about and how they might light a fire of passion for what might be, as opposed to seeing them as simply an assessment grade on a small slip of paper. If we are able to ignite this passion we can inflate their balloons of confidence and enable them to travel more easily through the travails of the education system.
I was greatly encouraged this morning to see this beautiful image which was sent to me by a school I visited recently. If one looks at it closely one can see that some of these young children are beginning to dream dreams about what might one day be. We want to encourage our children to be dreamers with reality and to help staff and parents to steer children not to an overly sanitised world of money making but to places where they will really be ignited with a passion and excitement to be doing something they love.

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