Validation is Key!

As we all know, young people have been hit very hard by the events of the last year and a half. Many teachers feel that academically many young people have coped OK, but socially, and particularly their social competence, has been hit hard.  This can lead to them being socially a little clumsy.

I believe it is now more important than ever that teachers, pastoral leaders and parents seek to validate young people. ‘Validation’ is a word that excites me!  It is not only accepting, it is also believing in our young people. When a young person feels that they are ‘rated’ it’s incredibly empowering and over the years I have read many biographies of successful people that have cited the belief of one individual as giving them the impetus to drive forward. When I look back at my late Father, he had many misgivings but he would often share the line that he was ‘so proud of me’ and this has never left me. I am aware that I am very lucky to have had this support. Sometimes we need to do our best to overlook any faults in our children, remembering that they are not perfect and never will be, and to do our best to ply them with positive verbiage.

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