True Resilience….. Tiger Woods

james shone

By James Shone

I’m now sure how many of you followed the story of Tiger Woods winning the US Masters just before Easter but as a golf enthusiast, I was blown away by his victory. What an example it was to us all of true resilience. I remember watching Tiger as an amateur in the Walker Cup years ago and being told that he was the bright young star of golf. Well, this prophecy was utterly true and Tiger single handedly transformed the game of golf, bursting on to the scene and winning the masters in 1997.   This started a season of over 10 years of total golf domination and as a result he became a global superstar.
Well the train eventually crashed and in December 2009 the ‘world’ found out about Tiger’s misdemeanors with women. This threw him in to a dungeon of shame and the once super hero became an utter villain. Following on from this Tiger left the game of golf due to a long journey of enormous physical challenge. He had problems with his knees, achilles tendons and 4 enormous back operations.
For most this would be the point at which we would give up. But not so for Tiger and his recent victory is the most compelling example of what it means to bounce back. Soon after winning he shared the story of how, during his recovery, he would try and swing a club, fall over and end up in tears for his children to see, all adding to his emotional challenges. So to win a tournament in today’s game at the age of 43 with so many young bucks who are so good was a testimony to what an extraordinary man Tiger Woods is. We may not be able to do it on this scale but bouncing back and resilience is so fundamental in all our journeys. Let’s choose this story as an inspiration, as exams loom large!
And even if you’re not a golf fan, this clip demonstrating Tiger’s achievement is really worth a watch!!

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