Start with the question how…?

james shone

By James Shone

I know that many people have found the book ‘Start with the question why…?’ by Simon Sinek to be incredibly inspiring as he unpacks the world changing approach of the technology giant Apple. However, with young people the question ‘how’, I think is a real game changer.  One of the things I’m having to learn as I journey through the grief of sight loss is acceptance of a new reality.  Often I find myself in a position where I can’t do the simplest of jobs and often I’ll ask a child ‘how’ to do it.  This involves them actually showing me which is a simple but very powerful transaction where they’re having to demonstrate both compassion and the competence to fulfil the task.  It’s a simple way of seeing balloons inflated – instead of us doing everything for our children we must realise that they will often be thankful for doing things for us.  This is a change from us making them feel guilty that once again, we’ve done the job for them.

I have always observed how special families are when they have serious disability living within their homes. I think we can all develop the skills of service that can help both the community of the family and the well being of the individual.

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