Staff Wellbeing and Team Bonding

Unique well-being workshops for business are provided on board the bus that leave team members newly energised and with a greater understanding of both themselves and their colleagues – thereby increasing their performance in the workplace. The workshops are proven to engender a unique sense sense of positivity, reflection, encouragement, empathy and team cohesion.

We use our corporate training workshops to subsidise our work in schools (which we provide free of charge).  All charges can be offset as charitable donations.

Recent endorsements:

“I want to re-iterate what an amazing experience everyone had on the bus with you guys, it was rewarding way beyond our expectations. As a business owner it was so great to see my staff coming off the bus absolutely buzzing with ideas, thoughts and inspiration – I think many of them were shocked by how much they enjoyed it. The unique nature of combining both personal and work life into one session meant that this felt more of a company perk to our team than a box ticking team bonding exercise.  ‘Warehouse Simon’ came up to me unprompted to say how much he enjoyed it and it had made him think. As he said, that “kind of thing” is not normally for him so a strong endorsement.”
Jos Baker, Tinc stationery

“Having the I Can And I Am bus turn up to our coffee company was one of the best things we’ve done in a long time. Anthony and Alice created a safe space for our team to talk to each other and most importantly listen in a depth we’ve probably never gone to before.  It was a truly enlightening to work in this way and has brought us closer as a team with a new found respect for one another. I am seriously excited to see us put into action our new found understanding of each other and see the results bloom in the coming months and years. Their double decker bus at a minimum created excitement within our team but I feel created a safe environment that our team opened up to one another in a way we haven’t before.  The whole team left with a spring in our step, refreshed with a feeling of optimism and a fresh enthusiasm to work and outlook on life.”
Sam Smith, Waylands Yard Coffee Roasters

“It was a unique environment where everyone felt comfortable chatting in an informal way – most the staff said they’d love to do it all again (not usual here!), we’d thoroughly recommend it to other businesses.” 
Rachael Kenyon, Metrorod Bristol

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