My Mum turns 80 today!

james shone

By James Shone

Yesterday my mother had a lunch to celebrate her 80th birthday. As part of the celebration my sister and I prepared a short speech that we would share after the lunch. It was as I reflected on the life my Mum has lived that I was struck by what a remarkable human being she is!

The speech followed an acronym of the word ‘LEGEND’. The more I reflect on this word the more I believe my Mum is one and this is simply because of the person that she has become through the setbacks that she has suffered. I feel that she has had notable relationship challenges. Mum’s father was absent through much of her childhood because of the war, my father was mentally unwell for much of their marriage and my sister now lives in a place of permanent separation from Mum. These 3 things would make most of us bitter, angry and hugely self-piteous. But this is not the case with Mum. She has continued to look out, love and put other people before herself and I feel that these 3 qualities are simply a choice that Mum has made deep in her heart which means that she’s got to 80 having made and continues to make a huge impact for good in the world that she lives.

Well done and thank you Mum!

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