Is the pressure on young people to PERFORM or CONFORM?

james shone

By James Shone

This question I think is at the heart of it! It came from Richard Backhouse, the principal of Berkhamstead group of schools, who is a man always able to ask the pertinent questions. It has consumed me for a few days now – I think the reality is that these are the two undoubted components of where our young people can truly falter, each battling with the two pressures differently. This is actually a very big topic! But all I really want to suggest at this stage is that pastoral leaders and parents ask in which area their children/charges may be battling – is it in a need to conform or perform? This can prove to be a very helpful way in directing the support that is then offered.
It’s vital that we also remember that conforming, particularly on social media, is a much much bigger pressure than we as adults sometimes fully understand and we must do our best to remember the pressure that teenagers feel.
Food for thought and further discussion required!
Have a good week.

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