Half Term…

james shone

By James Shone

I am conscious as this latest blog is written that many pupils, staff and parents are taking a half term break at the moment. My children are also on half term and as two of them lamented how much ‘work’ they had to do I had the conversation with them that the point of half term is about rest! Teachers and pupils need this week, or in some cases two weeks to rest and restore themselves for the next part of the journey. To return after half term feeling exhausted by how hard you’ve worked will not give you the impetus to run the next part effectively. I am so struck by how hugely demanding school life is these days for both staff and pupils and ensuring that we rest and recover as and when we can is all important. I’ve recently written a staff wellbeing presentation and one of the early slides encourages staff to rest, have fun, exercise and pursue hobbies – I hope teachers will follow this over half term. In the same way pupils should remember to really rest and ensure that when it is time to return to school they are ready and have got energy in the tank.
Put simply: use your time wisely over this half term!

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