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james shone

By James Shone

I was so moved on Friday last week after I’d given a presentation to the Year 8 pupils at Sutton Valence School. At the end, a delightful young man came up to me with his wallet and emptied out the few coins that were in there and handed it over for the charity. The point that he so clearly made was that he was ‘giving his all’ to I Can & I Am as a way of saying thank you for what I had just shared. How extraordinarily kind!
This act reminded me of the piece in Mark Chapter 12 where the widow puts her last two coins in to the collection and it was Jesus who commended her utter generosity. It is about giving our all both in a physical way, with our resources, but also by being emotionally committed to whatever we put our minds and hearts to. This is more of a challenge in today’s world since there is that much more to distract us.
I often tell the story of Viktor Fankl who, in his time at Auschwitz, realised that to share and to be generous with whatever he was given released a hormone that made him feel fully alive and human. Something we can all learn from.
So our heart cry to all young people must be to try to be givers and not just takers.
Have a great week!

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