Create the Village Effect

james shone

By James Shone

Create the Village Effect
This is an expression I heard earlier in the week and I really like it! There is no doubt that community is utterly central to the wellbeing of individuals. It’s where people learn to be loved but also learn to look out and love others. A community provides a place where everybody has their place and soon their skills and capabilities can be recognized enabling everyone to begin to uncover their element. Community, I believe, is less central in our country than it once was, whilst in other countries it is still very highly valued. I have a real heart to see it restored in as many places as it is possible…. churches, schools, villages, sports clubs, youth clubs, cities, and the list goes on and on. Local authorities must work as hard as they can to make this a core issue of their work and so many of the other issues that follow will be resolved. We all want to belong and a functioning community is so much better than a gang!

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