Commit to it!

james shone

By James Shone

As the summer holidays draw to a close, I feel that the title of today’s blog is a good one to take in to the new academic year. It came about in a rather curious way. Over the course of this summer I have had the joy of playing lots of golf. I have to confess it’s quite often rather special needs golf as I can’t see where the ball goes but I think that I am improving! It was whilst I was playing with my 10 year old son that he found himself in an awkward spot in some quite thick and lush grass just off the edge of a green. Initially he pulled out his putter which was clearly totally the wrong club. So I instructed him to get his wedge out and said the three words of my title – “commit to it!”
So often, as a result of half heartedness and an inability to really follow through, the results of our endeavours are depleted. When my son followed my instructions the ball popped out of the grass and rolled towards the hole because he had committed to it. I wonder where we all stand at this juncture of the year. Personally I am still very much driven by the academic year calendar and therefore I see this almost as a new year’s resolution. If we all do our best to commit to all that we do and encourage those around us to do the same I am sure that the benefits will become apparent before too long.

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