What can we learn from Europe's successful Ryder Cup captain?

james shone

By James Shone

I talked about the strong sense of ‘team’ in Europe’s successful Ryder Cup campaign a week or two ago. I’ve been thinking / reading / listening further about what made McGinley’s leadership so good. Much has been written and I suspect his book will come out soon, but for the sake of this blog I have noticed 2 key elements. Firstly the Irishman had a phenomenal capacity for positive thought. I used to be a little uncertain about this practice. However since my tumour I have grown in seeing the value of the ‘blue skied hope’ approach rather than the ‘potential pitfall’ approach. The second area of McGinley Magic lay in his ability to delegate. He gave each player a specific area of responsibility….bringing everyone in to the heart of the vision, so they felt valued and significant. This is a great example of giving over control and breaking the simple Leader – Follower model, which can be de motivating. Well done the PM I say!

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