“I will take it like a man but first I must feel it like a man” (Shakespeare’s Macbeth)

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In the last week or so I have been ruminating on the importance of not denying pain and suffering. On Tuesday it was my second child’s 13th birthday and in the sunshine our whole family were greatly enjoying an aqua park. As my two older children were wake boarding and my younger children were bouncing around on an inflatable I shared my frustration with my mother. I said, “I wish I could see!” At that moment I was being honest about the darkness and frustration of my loss of sight.

This honesty, I think allows authenticity to take root. The bottom line is that an authentic human being is ultimately ‘real’ whilst an energised, and endlessly positive one can be in denial and self deceiving themselves of the reality. Of course there is a time and a place for a positive attitude and this is hugely attractive to those around us. However, to those closest to us, authenticity I think wins the day and is ultimately born through being real when experiencing suffering.