What we have to be is what we are

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I spent all of last week visiting a number of pilot schools who have kindly offered to trial our new mentoring program. This is a four part series allowing simple and thought provoking times of reflection on our life journeys. As I dwell on this exciting new product I am really struck by the ultimate reality that we have all got something. None of us, certainly in the Western world, should ever be without hope. I sometimes feel that school is quite good at telling us what we can’t do as often summaries of academic results are all that can be offered. However, individuals have got to learn and realise that we all have an element, a point where we are not only capable but also passionate about an activity. So my cry this week is ‘be happy with who we are’. Taking this a step further, ‘be honest with who we are’ – we have nothing to hide and we must realise that there is a hidden gem in all of us.