“Be a Warrior and not a Worrier”

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I am really struck by how important it is that we all have a purpose in our lives. I do not believe that anyone put on earth is incompetent or useless at everything. School can sometimes tell us what we’re not good at and my passion is to see the education process really working hard to inform people what they can do. When our purpose is clear to us, I believe this is the point at which we can grow in confidence and become a ‘warrior’ for it. This is set against so many young people and indeed adults who are uncertain of their calling in life and simply worry. As we all know worry does not add or improve our lives in any way and to this end I believe we should be helping all our young people and those we love and know best to work out what their purpose is and to live within it.

As parents we need to have open minds and understand that the purpose a child may have may not be our first choice. Also that children need to understand that playing computer games and eating pizza does not constitute their purpose! I think the key to finding our purpose is ‘giving it a go’ and having an open mind to all things.