Teachers should seek to inspire big hearts and not create big heads

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Over half term as I travelled around I was struck by the kindness and thoughtfulness of a child I saw at Bristol Airport. He kept on looking at me in the queue and when we got to the point when something needed to be done as we went through security he was the first to offer help and support.  Put simply: he wanted to help in any way he could. It was after travelling through the security system that I had a brief chat with his mother who simply commented that ‘he was made like that’.  This caused me to reflect on the fact that schools should be working hard to develop this ‘look out and consider others’ approach to life rather than constantly applaud to the point where young children cannot fail but to have an inflated view of themselves, which often leads them to forsake others.  It is the ‘look out’ approach that steers us all clear of mental instability.  Big hearts versus big heads.