Teachers in the line of fire!

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I remember one of my Dad’s favourite lines was that an organisation or a team is only as good as its players. This is so true. As I spend more time ruminating on the importance of responding to our pastoral issues in a proactive way I am really struck by how important it is that we have staff who are able to commit to this increased demand on their time. Speaking with a senior member of staff at a school the other day she was scratching her head at the challenge of asking the staff to do yet more.

The reality is that staff are expected to deliver far more in the classroom than was the case years ago. There is now so much more documenting of all that we have done and need to do and this is considered good practice. And on top of this there is now an enormous demand from parents. This is leaving those caught in the middle (the teachers) in the line of fire.

Teachers, I believe are a hugely precious commodity in what is now a very fragile world. They must be respected, valued and appreciated for all that they are doing. On top of this school leaders and governing bodies should be constantly asking the question of how their staff’s wellbeing can be improved. The bottom line is: a happy staff will work harder for the good of the young people they are looking after and this, in my opinion, is foundational.

18th October 2017