The Tandem Challenge begins…

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Last Thursday Jack and I had our first training session on a tandem bike. He was the ‘pilot’ and I was the ‘engine’! Jack was a pupil in my boarding house at Monkton Coombe School and has been a real hero during the last 12 months as he owned up to some of the demons that he was facing. He has lost an enormous amount of weight and the two of us are about to take part in a great adventure cycling from Anfield (Liverpool FC, my team) down to Stamford Bridge (Chelsea FC, Jack’s team). We head off during the last week of April and hope to take 4-5 days to cover the 230 + mile journey.

As I start this training I am struck by the simple but profound fact that exercise is such a powerful antidote to low mood. It was, I understand, ‘Blue Monday’ this week and as I look outside the weather isn’t offering us much to ease this! But to remain committed to a form of exercise is so important for us all. I know in Jack’s case a trip to the gym each morning has been an incredible release and the determination to lose weight has also been very compelling. So there it is – there is no doubt it is a challenging season but there are ways through and a healthy exercise regime might well be one of those.