Stretched not Stressed

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I really like this expression “stretched not stressed” – it conjures up to me the image of the most effective teachers having the ability to stretch their pupils as fully as they can without stressing them. The moment we become stressed we become ineffective.

On Friday afternoon, at the end of last week, I found myself getting a train in to London and then the dreaded underground at rush hour out to Paddington. If I’m honest I had been slightly dreading this for a few days and also my train times meant that there wasn’t too much time for dithering.  This was a prime example of when I might get a little stressed! However, Friday went well and I successfully negotiated a very busy tube. I think the key to making it different was that I had worked out my exact route. Too often when I venture on to the London underground as a partially sighted man I simply have no idea where I’m going and this can lead to stress.

So often a little bit of planning can make all the difference. I still remember the Sergeant Major when I was at school talking about the seven Ps – Prior Preparation and Planning Prevent a P**s Poor Performance. Put simply, if you have a battle plan, and follow it, it is amazing how much more we can achieve without getting stressed.