“Shame on you…” – No!

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I have been thinking that so often some of the classic English expressions that are bandied about can actually be unhelpful. The other day I heard one of my children use the expression “shame on you” and I reflected on this and thought that this was not right. It was 48 hours later that I found myself mentoring a teenage boy and it was clear that one of his principle challenges was carrying shame. I think that many of us do this and shame is undoubtedly a dead weight for many that needs to be lifted.

To this end I would much prefer not to hear young people placing that weight on others but instead choosing another expression. It is often so subtle isn’t it – what is considered every day verbiage can have an over sized influence on our psychological wellbeing. I feel that as adults we should work hard to try and hold back on some of these expressions that are too often considered the norm. I like the idea of ‘shame off you’!