Resilience – the BUZZ word!

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I hear so many people stating that resilience is the essence of success today. Schools are now beginning to teach resilience and it often forms part of the PSHE curriculum.  How it should be taught and adopted by young people has many different theories but many employers now say that resilience is one of the most important qualities to prepare young people for the market place. I’ve therefore been reflecting long and hard about how and when we are most resilient.

I find, personally, that my resilience ebbs and flows and when I have got some air in my balloon and I’m feeling that there are things that I can do and that I am of value I’m able to tackle so much more. However I have days when I find myself questioning what I really can do and my resilience is that much less. So with this in mind I feel schools must work hard to inflate every individual’s balloon so that they can walk tall and tackle the things that they are less confident about with greater resilience. In addition, a fundamental skill is to reflect positively on a setback and to learn from it.