“Reflect and Refine”

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As I dwell on the issue of setbacks I am so struck by how they should be a learning resource for us all. I listened to Matthew Sayed on the red sofa of BBC news the other day and was so heartened to hear how he also sees the value in how a set back can teach a young person valuable lessons. I believe the same and we need to encourage our young, and in fact all people to gently reflect on a setback and ask themselves the question ‘what can I learn and why did that go wrong?’ We stumble and fall when we don’t move beyond this process and instead hold on to and ‘ruminate’ on the fact that we have failed. But if we reflect and learn from our mistakes and endeavor not to let them hold us back I truly believe we can be ‘refined’ through the set back as opposed to being ‘defined’.

Many businesses are now citing resilience as a key ingredient and some schools have even started to put it on to their curriculum. I’m not sure of the ultimate value of this but I feel that in the school environment it is a ‘roll your sleeves up moment’ when something goes wrong as opposed to a ‘sit back, judge and condemn’.

So my heart cry is that we all have a different attitude to when something goes wrong. It’s not a ‘fear the worst’ but ‘a profound learning opportunity’.