No significant learning without significant relationship

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“There’s no significant learning without significant relationship.”  I heard this quote the other day whilst watching a world class ‘Ted Talk’ from Rita Pierson.

It came at the end of having introduced the mentoring programme in to a number of schools and I often found myself sharing the importance of tutors sharing their vulnerabilities and their humanity with their mentees / tutees.  I feel that if we are going to affect change we need to own up to our weaknesses and not be human machines that simply can’t be related to by our youngsters. I then listened to this Ted Talk and heard the wonderful quote above.  I know how hard teachers have to work in today’s world and they are so often consumed with the need to be up to date with their ICT tasks and keeping on top of parental involvement – whilst this might be progress on one level, I do wonder whether it limits the all important time that a teacher can offer a pupil. Every teacher in the land seems to raise the “time” issue and quality relationships are often borne out of spending time. I come back to one word: what is our priority.

Do take a minute to watch the thoroughly inspirational Rita Pierson at