“Memories are the soft pillow of life”

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This rather heart-warming quote comes from the South African golfer Gary Player. I think he is so right. I suppose when one gets to a certain age in life one begins to look back and remember precious moments from the past and this can provide such comfort. Earlier in the week I found myself standing outside the clubhouse of a very special place to me. This is the golf club where I spent a large amount of my youth. I was so moved by the timelessness of this patch of land and how it was exactly the same as all those years ago. Later that day I found myself drifting back to so many past moments when I was happily striding across that golf course. This caused me to remember Gary Player’s great quote and fuelled me with the desire to create precious memories for my own children – after all, a memory cannot be taken away from someone.

I think at large parents and educators can hold this message close to their hearts and perhaps focus on providing some precious memories for those that they are looking after. It is such a comfort revisiting and remembering special moments.