Bake bread • Share stories • Restore hope

Knockback is a concept recently added to the I Can & I Am repertoire that aims to give an invaluable support to those in local communities who have suffered in some way.
Knockback provides the opportunity to come together with others to share stories whilst learning and partaking in the process of baking bread.


Baking bread and ‘knocking back the dough’ has long been known to evoke positive feelings, to rebuild confidence and to lift spirits.
Using this basic concept, participants can come together in the comfort of James’s family home near Bath where they can feel relaxed and safe to share their stories and enjoy the company of others over a meal of freshly baked bread and fine cheese.

Knockback aims to restore HOPE through the following discussion topics:

Telling our stories and sharing our Home lives.

Stating & extolling the importance of considering Others more than ourselves.

Sharing the importance in the establishment of a Purpose in our lives.

Learning to Enjoy our lives again through renewed hope.


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