The holidays are here!

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As I think about the holidays, I am really struck that how, as a teacher one almost has a sabbatical length of holiday. It is too easy for those of us with children to grumble about the length of the holidays! The other day I was thinking about what really makes a great holiday and came up with my ‘Four Rs‘.The first is that we must RELATE.  There are many relationships that in the busyness of life fall by the wayside and we must use our free time to reinvigorate these relationships, particularly with family members.

Secondly, and this is a challenge to me, it is to READ. I think reading and listening to books gives us an opportunity to deepen and widen and also escape from the world that we’re in. We must not stop learning and I think during these long holidays we should challenge ourselves with reading some improving books.

Third is to REFLECT. This is a forgotten art and long periods of time allow us to think about what has been and what might be different in the future. So much improvement can happen with authentic reflection and these holidays allow us to do that.

My final R is for us ultimately to REST – the driven society of today doesn’t allow us to sit on the sofa and fall asleep in the afternoon but a good holiday does not need to be filled with endless activities and rest must be at the forefront of our minds. This includes sleep and times where we experience ‘inflow’ in to our lives.

So, to conclude: these holidays are an amazing opportunity and we must seek to prioritise ourselves and our journeys to make the most of them.