Expectations of our children must be in line with reality

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A lot of mental instability and teenager uncertainty, I believe, is founded in us as parents or educators having unrealistic expectations. Too many young people feel the weight of expectation, at times crushing, from parents or school that they simply feel they cannot achieve. Whilst of course it is right to set high standards we must ensure they are appropriate. My fear is that too many of us as parents live our lives through our children and their achievements and expect a huge amount from them, often plugging the gaps of where we may have under achieved on our journeys.

It’s a simple point and at the start of this academic year we must consider what is appropriate in the classroom, on the games field and in the extra curricular arena for each of our charges. It is then important that we praise the manner in which they approach their challenges, remembering the old mantra of noticing everything, correcting just occasionally and always cherishing our children.