Emotional hygiene v Dental hygiene

I am struck, as a parent of young children, how much time we pour into the wellbeing of our children’s teeth. In fact our kids have just made their way to school and I am conscious of how I have spent the last twenty minutes: inviting, cajoling and finally, in anger, demanding that they brush their teeth. To an outsider on this planet they would be utterly confused by the seemingly passionate attitude we have towards our teeth. But in keeping our teeth so well we often overlook our ’emotional hygiene.’ The impact of letting ourselves ‘go’ In this area is far graver than a few cavities and some discoloured teeth. So how do we keep ourselves emotionally clean? Guy Winch, an American Psychologist would give these five points: 1) pay attention to emotional pain, 2) stop emotional bleeding, 3) protect your self esteem, 4) battle negative thinking and 5) become informed about the impact of psychological wounds.

We must attend to our emotional wellbeing if we want to be two feet on the ground stable human beings.


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