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I was really interested watching the England rugby team during the Six Nations. They were such a fine side and potential favourites to win and the Eddie Jones era has been nothing but a success. They travelled up to Murrayfield with two wins under their belt and were surprisingly beaten by a very good Scottish side. It’s after this match that I’m fascinated by. The certain, assured, clear thinking and confident group of individuals became almost the exact opposite when they played France in the next game. What really interests me is how quickly when we have a set back we become derailed. After Paris and losing to France we then met Ireland at Twickenham. As Will Greenwood, the ex England player and now pundit said, England simply were not at the races from the beginning. How different this would have been if we’d beaten Scotland and France. Our confidence was shot, mistakes were plentiful and lack of purpose was more evident.

This all sounds very gloomy but I do believe it is a valuable lesson for us all – my real belief is that set backs can strengthen us but we need to reflect and not ruminate on the past issues. Some of the fall out from the England six nations campaign has been quite alarming and I’m not sure that quite such extreme measures need to be taken. Protecting and nurturing confidence is a really important and necessary skill for human kind!