Community – Opt in or Opt out?

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One of our foundational needs, as a human being, is to belong. Many of us live in communities and these are the places that can enhance our sense of belonging or do quite the opposite. I think it is often our choice as to whether we opt in or out of contributing or adding to a community. Put simply, when we opt in this enhances and develops our sense of belonging.

On Saturday of last week we did something, as a family, that we’ve never done before and that was to host a village drinks party. Looking back I feel that the evening was a great success on so many levels. The surface level being that we had fun and were blessed by lovely warm weather but on a deeper level I feel that our sense of belonging to our community has deepened as a result. Of course we all felt a little – “errrrrrr, I’m not really in the mood” before hand but after the event we all felt that it was very worthwhile.

On reflection I feel that often biting the bullet and investing a little within a community can in the long term pay dividends. So my question to us all this week is how can we contribute and add a little bit more to our communities? If we’re able to it can be really beneficial. Give it a try!