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I had a very varied week last week during which time I spent quite a lot of time mentoring young people. I also travelled to Guernsey where I was speaking to pupils, staff and parents. I found myself again and again, in front of different audiences, talking about the importance of wise and sensible decision making. As we all know the quote of “our choices affect who we become” rings so true. To teachers and staff I keep saying that we must stop being so bossy and telling young people what to do all the time. We should step back and let them make decisions, even if this does mean they may stumble and sometimes fall.

Learning through our mistakes – I believe, is learning for life. Yet the bossy parent or teacher often steers the young people away from valuable life lessons and when they leave the security of school or home at the age of 18 they are often incapable of making informed and sensible choices. I know it is sometimes a rather protracted and painful process as one sees young people making unwise and potentially damaging decisions, but I really feel in the long run that this is a helpful thing for us to do. If they can leave school and indeed home with a sensible decision making framework then they are that much better prepared for life.