Bangers and Mash – With or Without gravy?

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Last week I was lucky enough to stay at a pub in Kent called The Three Chimneys. Whilst I was there I had probably the nicest bangers and mash I’ve ever had! Why? I think it was the accompanying gravy that made all the difference. I salivate as I think about it! When i came home, on Sunday, I was in charge of the family’s lunch and it was bangers and mash! This time it was a very different experience. Put simply it was: bangers, mash and peas. Possibly enhanced by tomato ketchup or mustard. When I was moaning about how this version to the dish was so different to what I’d experienced in Kent, my fab wife said, “Why didn’t you try and make a gravy?” She holds this incredible attitude which is: “if someone else can do it, why cant I?” I know that i see myself as a 28 handicap chef and to try a gravy would be a step too far – I guess this is a fixed mindset and i need to learn from my wife to set the bar a little higher. Remembering that the occasional slip up is ok.