Attitude versus Aptitude

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I have just returned from Johannesburg  visiting a number of schools.  One visit particularly stands out when I spent a very moving few hours at a school called ‘Hope Academy’. This is a school for physically disabled young people and I spoke to an audience of over 300, the vast proportion of who were in wheel chairs. They looked ‘imprisoned’ by their physical disability and they were clearly moved by the Nik Vujicic video of what it means to live with no arms or legs. At this point I really rose up in spirit and proclaimed to them all that our disability can be overcome by an attitude that is both positive and hope filled. It’s ‘attitude’ not ‘aptitude’ that counts.

At the end I played them my new favourite song (!) ‘Soldier of hope’ by Roo Panes – a sense of hope is all important to these semi-depressed young people.