An amazing week with a curious highlight….

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i was away from home for 5 nights last week. I visited 4 great schools: Hornsby House, Cranleigh, Shrewsbury House and Brambletye with my I can and I am message. I also went to a very fine dinner at the Goldsmiths Hall. During these visits I met a wide cross section of people who all appeared to be thoroughly fulfilled. As I reflected on my very busy week yesterday – I decided that my highlight was at London Victoria station. Here i was met off a train and ushered so respectfully down to my tube platform by the most delightful guy from the Ivory Coast. He made that ‘difference’ and exemplified the principle that life is not all about good things happening ‘to’ us but ‘through’ us. I was really struck by this chap’s determination to go the extra mile for me.

48 Comments on “An amazing week with a curious highlight….”

  1. Without social status, financial wealth, academic pedigree or even geographical belonging it was this person whose footprint on your life for a few brief seconds will be the most remembered last week. We often pay attention to the surface- glitz and glamour- I think you are helping us learn that jewels of real value are those more hidden, formed under darker pressures… the capacity of a humble to show kindness, offer dignity and warmth, despite exile and loss. We are at the peril of valuing the wrong things, and in so doing, not valuing the things that really matter in our fragile world.

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