A great App!

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I’m not sure how appropriate this is, but I’m going to crack on regardless! I travel about the place a great deal and often find myself on trains. When on the train I usually have some strict habits: a coffee, ideally a pair of seats to myself (which I sit diagonally across) and then my phone with some headphones.

In recent weeks I immediately click on to the ‘Meaningful‘ app. This App leads you through a series of wonderfully worded and beautifully crafted guided contemplations. These have been created by my wife, Olivia. They are brilliant and I know how hard she’s worked on them so I’m keen to see hundreds of other people benefitting from them.

There are many Apps out there that aren’t helpful and I feel we should want to promote and see quality apps, like this, gaining traction. Do have a listen and share it with others that you feel would benefit. Visit: www.meaningfulapp.com

Apologies if you feel it’s inappropriate to be promoting my wife’s work – I’m not sure I would if I didn’t think it was so good!