9/10ths Praise and 1/10th Criticism

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This was one of my Dad’s great Leadership nuggets and there is no doubt we all much prefer being encouraged as opposed to being criticised! My fear though is that we all ‘criticise’ ourselves more than we need to. Occasionally we must stop and reflect on all that is going well. We certainly need to address those weak areas, but must not become disaffected and discouraged. My hope is that we learn to ENCOURAGE ourselves, as well as others.

48 Comments on “9/10ths Praise and 1/10th Criticism”

  1. Jukes,

    Your website brought tears to my eyes. I love how you are inspiring others and feel so proud to know you. Taking a leaf from your post I would like you to know the following:

    1. You are an inspirational man, on a par with the greats.
    2. Your pursuit of the good Lord on the back of your hardest setback is astounding. I love how, even after a tough day/week, you put him first. I think this is the source of my tears!
    3. Your ability to overcome is exceptional. What on earth will you do next?
    4. Your love of people which aids your ability to ask the right question at the right time is like no other.
    5. I know not one person that listens, and makes the speaker feel listened to, in the way that you do.
    6. You are a master conversationalist and one of the most interesting people to speak to I have ever met.
    7. Your love of our children blows me away, and them.
    8. Your sense of humour is first class.
    9. As a couple, your are phenomenal and I am constantly inspired by you both.

    And my 1/10th criticism…
    10. I don’t see enough of you.

    Thank you for being you. Keep going. Someone once said to me, ‘I can and I am!’

    So much love,


    1. Jimmy – I’m quite simply blown away by that email and sadly not got the presence of mind to say 10 wonderful things back, but in time that may happen! You are a remarkable chap and I’m jolly lucky to be related to you. Lots of love Jukes

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